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Patron Liqueur Cakes

The Great Spirits Baking Company is a gourmet specialty food company dedicated to creating the most scrumptious, all natural, handcrafted, packaged baked goods, extravagantly infused with selected branded spirits. We select only the finest premium spirits for all of our products to intensify and enrich their flavor. Our Mission is to create a dessert experience that is equal to none. Why not have your ” dessert cordial” and eat it, too?” We suggest you top off any meal with our our ready-to serve cakes along with your favorite Jack Daniel’s® Tennessee Whiskey, or Patron or Drambuie spirits. Hard to resist, these cakes will impress and tantalize your guests and make any occasion special. We pride ourselves in how we make our cakes with only the finest and all natural ingredients and premium spirits. All our products are made in our state of the art bakery, in small batch, hand production methods. The Great Spirits Baking Company will never produce products from a cake mix, and our fans claim that we are best in class.