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John Paul Pet: Senior Pets Rock!

Fall is here and so is the time to celebrate our senior pets! John Paul Pet is celebrating Senior Pet Health Month throughout the month of September. Whether you have adopted a senior pet or your family pet is aging, there are some special considerations important to know when caring for a senior pet. It is important to provide our animals with the best care throughout their entire lives to keep them healthy and strong.

A well groomed pet not only looks good but it can also improve a pet’s overall health. As pets age, it is wise to adjust your grooming routine. Clean paws, faces, teeth and gums can prevent bacteria which can lead to infections. Bathing pets in bath tubs gets more and more challenging in a pet’s later years, therefore some adjustments should to be made to make grooming easier. In addition to grooming, it is smart to also adjusting your senior pets exercise regimen as well. Keeping pets active is imperative, but it must be done with care and caution.

Lastly, September is National Preparedness Month. FEMA is dedicated to helping prepare others for when emergencies and unforeseen disasters strike. With things of this nature, it is important to be prepared for you and your loved ones. Our pets are our loved ones, therefore in this newsletter, you will find an excellent checklist to help you be prepare for a disaster.

John Paul Pet wants to show love to those wise and mature pets of the family. We are offering a free John Paul Pet yellow bandana to the first FIVE people who email Do it right away and win a yellow John Paul Pet bandana for your pet!

the first 5 who email will win a John Paul Pet Yellow Bandana to adorn their wise and mature pet!
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Mr. Max, a big fan of John Paul Pet, used John Paul Pet Waterless Foam as a way to keep clean in his elderly years. We would like to honor him for the amazing life he lead!